(Formerly Titled: Women Leaders of the First Intifada)

Women Leaders of First Intifada_Untitled Film Image.jpeg


In the spring of 1988, a clandestine network of Palestinian women activists emerged from the fringes of society to lead a vibrant unarmed social movement. This film is the story of the unlikely heroes who shattered stereotypes while bringing Israel and the world to recognize Palestinians as a people for the first time.

Shortly after the beginning of the Intifada, thousands of Palestinian men had been rounded up and imprisoned by the Israeli army for organizing grassroots opposition to the occupation. When Israel’s massive arrest campaign left the movement gutted and leaderless, hundreds of Palestinian women filled the void. They were working class and elite, religious and secular. They were teachers, farmers, lawyers and housewives, rising up from villages, cities and refugee camps.

Through evocative Under-Camera animation, exclusive interviews and never before seen archival footage, the movie brings out of anonymity the women behind the headlines. Most images of the First Intifada paint a misleading picture of violent young men front and center. This film smashes that fallacy and shows what truly took place – an unbending nonviolent women’s movement at the head of Palestine’s struggle for freedom.