this changes everything



Based on ideas drawn from Naomi Klein’s forthcoming non-fiction book, This Changes Everything will show why the deep changes required to tackle climate change should not be viewed as a punishment to fear, but as a kind of gift. Climate change offers us a chance to solve the ecological and economic crises simultaneously, averting ecological chaos by changing an economic model that’s already in need of serious transformation. The world doesn’t need another climate film, it needs another kind of climate film. This Changes Everything offers a hopeful and transformative vision, combining an exploration of big ideas with inspiring front-line stories from communities around the world who are fighting climate change by reclaiming their economies.


Joslyn Barnes

I co-founded New York-based production company Louverture Films with Danny Glover in 2005. We and our company partners Susan Rockefeller and Bertha Foundation develop and produce independent feature films, both arthouse fiction and creative documentary.

Katie McKenna


Engagement producer: strategy, events and interactive media for world-changing projects.