the opposition

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Told through the story of Paga Hill - the luscious Mountain peninsula of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea - THE OPPOSITION asks the important question of how can we ethically build sustainable industry in developing countries?


Hollie Fifer

As a director Hollie Fifer’s documentaries are inspired by the true life stories that are too bizarre and courageous too believe.Her first documentary in 2009 was commissioned by Australian Volunteers International to direct CHILDREN OF THE RAINBOW SERPENT (NITV) set in Tamil Nadu, India. She went onto make COMMON GROUND (SBS) which won 7 awards from international and Australian festivals. Her most recent shorts CORINNA and VERY IMPRESSIVE both premiered at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2013 and 2014 respectively. Hollie has just completed her first feature documentary THE OPPOSITION set in Papua New Guinea and the UK. Following court action brought against The Opposition team in the New South Wales Supreme Court the film screened in a redacted version at Hot Docs 2016. Hollie and the production companies behind the film were able to successfully defend The Opposition in the courts when this injunction case was brought and the full film is set to be released shortly.