served like a girl



Served Like a Girl follows women veterans on a quest to take the crown in the 2015 Ms. Veteran American competition in Las Vegas. This sisterhood of unforgettable women raises awareness of the realities faced by over 2 million women veterans transitioning from service to civilian life. Revealing the special vulnerability of women veterans undergoing this drastic change, the film also airs uncomfortable truths about double standards regarding gender in the military, as directly experienced by the women competing for the crown. It deepens our understanding of how poorly the military prepares its soldiers for the high stakes shift from deployment back to civilian life––with special focus on women soldiers.


Lysa Heslov

Lysa Heslov, founder and president of Children Mending Hearts, was born in Savannah, Georgia. After moving to Los Angeles, Lysa became a successful independent film producer. She produced such indie favorites as Black Circle Boys, Attention Shoppers, Bug, and Hank Azaria’s Nobody’s Perfect. Lysa recently took a hiatus from producing to raise her two children, Maya and Olivia.