igf video updates

Crip Camp by Jim LeBrecht & Nicole Newnham - 2017 Early Stage Funding Awardee

Elaine Sheldon - 2017 Filmmaker Sustainability Funding Awardee

Facing Whiteness by Whitney Dow - 2017 Innovation in Outreach Campaign Funding Awardee

At the moment, we’re fine cutting with an aim to complete the film in early 2018.

Some big updates to mention at this point are bringing producer Katy Chevigny on board, our participation in the Sundance Catalyst Forum last month, and some new grants.  

  • We're happy to announce our latest addition to the team, producer Katy Chevigny. Chevigny is one of the founders of Big Mouth Productions. Her most notable work include Cameraperson (2016), E-Team (2014) and Deadline (2004). 
  • We were honored to participate in the Catalyst Forum at the Sundance resort in Utah last month, where we, along with a small group of other filmmakers, met with investors and grantors. The event turned out to be very successful for Dark Money and resulted in new grants as well as a few interested equity investors.  
  • Another remarkable grant that we received within the past month was a grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund. 
  • Ford Foundation also contributed with a second grant for post-production.

Other than that, we're moving along with the edit here in New York!

Dark Money by Kim Reed - 2017 Honorary Impact Grant Fund Awardee