Chicago media project

We are a member-based philanthropic community of documentary film lovers who believe in the power of media to bring about social change.


What We Do

CMP employs a Community Model of Philanthropy, where our generous membership contributions are combined to support films and media organizations making a real difference. The CMP model directs member donations into four areas: Film & Media Funding, Community- based Events, Media Innovation, and Member Gatherings and Experiences


Who we are

CMP members believe in the power of media to change the world.


The foundation of Chicago Media Project is our community:

The individuals whose passion for storytelling and social change come together to support this work, and who have fun doing it! Our members are engaged, informed, and active citizens. They come from a range of professional and regional backgrounds, from marketing executives to philanthropic advocates, from Chicago to New York and LA. All share one core belief: that media has the power to influence and impact the issues we all care about. 


CMP events


CMP events are created with our four founding principles in mind:

  • Bring people together as a community,

  • Connect them with powerful storytelling in a variety of media,

  • Support/amplify/impact films, filmmakers and issues,

  • Do so in an innovative way

Below are some of our innovative events that encapsulate these founding ideas: