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Bringing together mediamakers from around the country with engaged citizens who collectively support the creation and distribution of media that will trigger social change.




Why CMP? 

Chicago Media Project crystallized after the first Good Pitch Chicago event in 2013. Chicago has always been a hub for media and philanthropy, and the groundswell of support from institutions, individuals, cause organizations and philanthropic foundations during this event called for a deeper connection between these diverse groups and impact media. 

CMP was envisioned in that moment as a magnet to unite this broad network and harness its power to bring about true social change.

CMP officially launched in 2014 with four founding ideas:

  • bring people together
  • connect them with great media
  • support, amplify, and impact films
  • do so in an innovative way

The community response to these simple ideas was overwhelming, and our membership grew more than we could have imagined in two short years. 


What is the model?

CMP acts as a Community Model of Philanthropy, where our generous membership contributions combine to support films and media organizations making a real difference. The CPM model directs our donations into four areas of programming: 

  • Film Funding, small grants made to films in production or embarking on their outreach campaigns
  • Community Events, where the public is invited to screenings and capstone events like DOC10 and Good Pitch
  • Media Innovation, our support of new platforms that are making impact films easier to fund and follow
  • Member Events, exclusive high-quality content from the impact media landscape presented to members in a social setting

This balance of programs for members and the public allows us to focus resources on the highest-quality content, supporting media-makers who create lasting change.


Who are the members?

Chicago Media Project members have been called "film-anthropists," and the term is starting to stick! Our members are engaged, informed, and active citizens who believe that media has the power to influence and impact the issues we all care about most. 

CMP connects our members to the expanding world of impact media, and our members gain the opportunity to support new films that further the causes they are passionate about.

CMP offers members-only benefits to foster this sense of community and to engage our members in many ongoing conversations about the impact media landscape. These benefits include private gatherings, works-in-progress screenings, curated festival experiences, and exclusive benefits at our public events like Good Pitch Chicago, DOC10, and more featured events.

To learn more about membership tiers, benefits, and our community click here.

Join this passionate community, support great films, and experience the best of impact media. 

Become a member of CMP today.