dan the man the artist

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Dan Makar, otherwise known as Dan The Man, is a talented, inspirational, 41-year-old painter with Down syndrome. Dan has been painting unique pop portraits of his favorite celebrities and landscapes for over 15 years. Through his paintings and fueled by his passion, Dan is on a mission to prove not only to himself, but to the world at large, that although he has Down syndrome, it does not have him.


Matthew Makar

Matthew Makar co-directed and produced the award-winning film Yellow Brick Road, which aired on HBO Family and Cinemax. Nursery University is Makar’s second feature documentary. Makar is also a consultant for documentaries, including Living in Emergency (Doctors Without Borders) and NBC’s Meeting David Wilson. Makar is currently developing a series called Imagine My Life about disabled artists collaborating with their favorite artists. He has also worked in production for Miramax Films, Greene Street Films, Ralph Lauren, MTV and VH1.