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CMP kicked off our third year of programming with two days of events connected to the Chicago premiere of ALMOST SUNRISE, a documentary following two veterans who find hope and healing from their moral injuries along a 2700-mile cross-country trek. The three events -- a film screening, Brain Trust panel, and meditation session -- truly exemplified what we mean by "impact media."

We couldn't be more excited to launch YR3 with such a powerful film and outreach campaign!

On Thursday, September 8th, over 100 members of our community gathered at the Chicago Cultural Center for the premiere of ALMOST SUNRISE. This screening brought together veterans, their families, advocates, and mental health specialists with our members and a general audience to see the powerful story of these two veterans' transformation.

We heard moving personal testimony from audience members, thought-provoking questions, and honest responses from the subjects of the film in a great Q+A that could have lasted all night!

The following day, September 9th, we hosted an eight-person panel to further discuss the film and its outreach campaign, with a range of experts from veterans service providers to educators to public media representatives. The conversation was not only fascinating, but impactful -- leading to commitments of resources and support for this fantastic film to reach even wider audiences to make real change for veterans.

Later that day a veteran working with Project Welcome Home Troops led an intimate meditation session to share the technique that brought peace and healing to the vets and their families featured in ALMOST SUNRISE.

Our own Paula Froehle and director Michael Collins were even featured on local ABC news discussing this series of incredible events -- check it out!

We are so grateful to our members and our wider community for coming out to support this film and help its message reach more people. The below message from one participant illustrates just how powerfully film can impact viewers. 

I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of such a great event! The film opened my eyes to “moral injury,” to how it differs from PTSD, the need for more awareness. It also opened my eyes to the story of Tom and Anthony and all of those like them who just want to feel again and will do anything, like walk across the country, to learn to breathe again just to stay alive. I do not come from a military background, I do not have close friends or family in the military and only know what is told to me through the media. I was able to learn so much and empathize better because of Almost Sunrise and I am so thankful for that. Thank you again and please continue your great work!