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THE KITCHEN TABLE FOCUS: Women At Sundance + Female Filmmakers Initiative

Paula Froehle

Each year for the last 13 years, 25% of American directors at the Sundance Film Festival have been female. While markedly ahead of the mainstream marketplace, where only 4% of the top 100 box office films are directed by women, our commitment to achieving diversity among our storytellers is still a work in progress. For the health of our culture, the stories that frame our lives must be expanded to include the full range of storytelling voices.

Sundance Institute, together with Women in Film Los Angeles and a community of allied organizations, works to foster gender equality in American cinema by supporting female filmmakers to develop their stories, find audiences for their work, and grow and sustain their careers.The American independent film sector is ripe with opportunities to create change, and is a proven pipeline for female artists working behind the camera across the industry.