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Documentary filmmakers on why they love Netflix

CMP Admin

Orlando von Einsiedel, director of Virungasaid signing with Netflix was “an obvious choice” because it means his documentary “went to 50 countries and 53 million homes.”

Earlier this week at a Television Critics Association panel, several documentary filmmakers expressed their love for Netflix and its ability to bring their films to much wider audiences, citing the popularity and reach of the streaming service with audiences who may not have explored documentary outlets before:

Jill Bauer, director-producer of Hot Girls Wanted, told TV critics that the last time she was on her way to Los Angeles, when the driver of her car found out she had a docu on Netflix, "he went into this whole thing about never watching documentaries before Netflix. There is so much discovery on that platform," Bauer enthused. 

CMP has been closely following these changes in the documentary distribution landscape, especially following our illuminating conversation with Dan Cogan of Impact Partners at a special CMP member presentation last spring. Read more from the article on Netflix here and join the ongoing conversation at an upcoming CMP event this fall!