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CMP Blog - thought-provoking articles

Conversations about metrics, assessment, and impact media

Paula Froehle

CMP, our members, and the wider documentary film community to which we belong have been engaging in a series of conversations about the new demand for assessment standards in measuring the impact of media and outreach campaigns. Below are links to a few of the thought-provoking reports on the state of metrics and media today. Join the conversation and add your comments!

TPI: The Participant Index you've been hearing about

"In general, the greater the emotional involvement with a story, the more likely viewers are to respond with action. In particular, the three in 10 viewers who say a particular title 'changed my life' are notably more likely to engage in a wide variety of social actions." 

Read more of the findings here.

CMSI Report on Assessment Metrics

"If ever a golden age existed for studying the social impact of documentary storytelling, then it is not only here, but it may just be beginning.  . . . A specific formula able to investigate and articulate impact does not exist. There is no one single way to perform impact evaluation. There are many."

Read the full report here.

A Framework for Measuring Media Performance & Results

"This guide is . . . a call to action combined with some of the best thinking about how media and journalism can most easily and meaningfully use targeted evaluation to make our initiatives more sustainable, the connections with our communities stronger, and our impact deeper and longer-lasting."

Read the report commissioned by the Gates and Knight Foundations here.