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CMP featured in special report on "movies that make an impact"

CMP Admin

Realscreen has just released a special report on impact media, reporting from a panel at HotDocs in Toronto that featured our own Steve Cohen and Paula Froehle discussing impact investing:

Paula Froehle & Steve Cohen with panelists at Hot Docs 2015. photo via @YesFoundationIn

Paula Froehle & Steve Cohen with panelists at Hot Docs 2015. photo via @YesFoundationIn

From the article:

"Producers, distributors and funders of documentaries are finding that affecting social change and making money do not have to be mutually exclusive goals. Increasingly, investors are eyeing issue-driven documentaries that are both entertaining and actionable. Thinking about impact early can pay off when a documentary is finished because NGOs and foundations that bought in can then help with petitions, screenings for activists and organizations, educational components and lobbying." >> read more here