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Chicago, IL, 60654


Bringing together mediamakers from around the country with engaged citizens who collectively support the creation and distribution of media that will trigger social change.


Member Benefits


The foundation of Chicago Media Project is our community: the individuals whose passion for storytelling and social change come together to support this work, and to have fun doing it! Our members are engaged, informed, and active citizens. They come from a range of professional and regional backgrounds, from marketing executives to philanthropic advocates, from Chicago to New York and LA. All share one core belief: that media has the power to influence and impact the issues we all care about.


In short, because philanthropy is fun and engaging!

We want our members to feel part of a strong community of dynamic and interesting people, and through our Big Table Dinners we bring together that community to enjoy great food, to have deep and meaningful conversation, and to gain exposure to exciting impact documentary work as its being created.

Our screenings provide members exposure to films as they are finished and ready to embark on their outreach campaigns, allowing connections to be made between our members, their network, and the film team.

Our initiatives enable us to put targeted energy toward issues of major concern, producing as well as supporting media focused on areas of greatest need.

Our goal is to bring together a curated group of members who are actively interested in social issues and believe in (or are very curious about) media and its power to bring about social change.


MEMBER-ONLY EVENTS: All members - Change-Maker, Filmanthropist, and Film Advocate - are invited to our CMP community events:

  • our signature Big Table Dinners
  • Screenings of feature-length docs and other impact films
  • The Justice Initiative screenings and events
  • Homegrown Chicago screenings and pitches
  • The Kitchen Table Women's Initiative gatherings
  • New Initiative launches and special DOC10 receptions

LEG UP FUND GRANTS: A portion of our Change-Maker and Filmanthropist members' donations provide grant monies to designated filmmakers via CMP's Leg Up Fund. The Leg Up Fund selection is made in consultation with our Advisory Board, open only to Change-Makers and a select few Filmanthropists.

INVEST/IMPACT EQUITY FUND: CMP Invest/Impact Equity Fund is a limited membership equity investment fund, open to Change-Maker and Filmanthropist CMP members once a year.


  • Change-Maker and Filmanthropist memberships can include up to two people, and guarantee two seats at all CMP member events.
  • Change-Makers and a select few Filmanthropists are invited to sit on our Advisory Board, a small group of members who actively give feedback and influence the development of CMP, including the granting from our Leg Up Fund.
  • Change-Maker members also have other perks, including private gatherings, a wine-tasting and wine-development program at City Winery, and VIP level access to the DOC10 film festival.
  • Change-Maker members have special discounts on our Sundance and other festival packages.

FILM ADVOCATE: designed for the individual who is new to the impact documentary world and is looking for introductory exposure to the industry. Film Advocate memberships are designed for one person, and guarantee one seat for the Advocate at CMP member events all year.

INDUSTRY AFFILIATE OR CORPORATE PARTNER: CMP welcomes our partners at other media arts organizations, non-profits, and supportive corporate entitites to join CMP to enjoy the benefits of membership tailored to the organization's needs, including seating at CMP member events, underwriting of capstone public projects, and sponsor recognition. Please contact Sarah Nobles for more information about a custom Affiliate membership.